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Playwrights Foundation Alumni and Resident Playwrights News

PF is proud to share news about productions and awards of our alumni and resident playwrights.

We are so proud to announce the accomplishments of our PF Resident Playwrights and BAPF alumni! They have been making extraordinary waves in new works of American theatre. And you (yes you!) deserve a roaring round of applause for your generous support of their amazing artistic work. These remarkable playwrights continue to hone their craft and have gone on to win distinguished awards and accolades. Their relevant, innovative, engaging plays have been produced in the Bay Area, out-of-state, and even across the pond in England, Scotland and Sweden.


  • Playwrights Foundation Resident Playwright alumnus Aaron Loeb's Ideation has made a triumphant return, from the SF Playhouse's Sandbox series to the main-stage, after winning the 2014 Glickman Award for best new play. A wildly funny and creepy story of ethical quandary and corporate intrigue. Ideation is not to be missed! Loeb has received seven "Emerging Playwright Awards" from PlayGround, among other accolades.

  • PF Resident playwright Lauren Gunderson’s newest historical drama Bauer just opened Off-Broadway at the 59e59 Theatre, after a triumphant premiere at San Francisco Playhouse. Fire Work, Gunderson’s romantic comedy, is now playing at Theatre First in Berkeley. Her awards include the 2014 Steinberg/ATCA New Play Award.

  • Sam Hunter (BAPF 2007) has just won the 2014 MacArthur Genius Award in Playwriting. He is currently in Chicago, where his latest play Rest is playing at Victory Gardens Theater. After Rest, Hunter is off to New York to work on the world premiere of his play Pocatello at Playwrights Horizon in November. His Sky Cooper New American Play Prize winning show The Whale is about to open at The Marin Theatre Company!

  • PF Resident Playwright alumnus Chris Chen’s (BAPF 2007, 2008 & 2012) Glickman award-winning The Hundred Flower’s Project, a post-modern masterwork that creates a new cult of personality opens Oct 15 at Silk Road Rising in Chicago. Chen’s latest work The Late Wedding is currently playing at Crowded Fire Theater to rave reviews!

  • PF Resident Playwright Geetha Reddy just introduced her latest work, co-commissioned with Crowded Fire Theater, in our Rough Reading Series. This untitled piece is a wildly imaginative journey through time and space to explore the intersection between high-energy physics, women in science and Hindu mythology. This experimental piece features the Universe itself as a character on stage!

  • Playwrights Foundation Resident Jonathan Spector’s In From the Cold is graduating from our Rough Reading Series to Live Oak Theatre in Berkeley, in a Just Theater production, opening on November 2. A tale of Cold War espionage and identity, this show deals with sacrifice and changing realities.

  • Lauren Yee's (BAPF 2012) Samsara will have its world premiere at Chicago's Victory Garden Theater next spring. Developed at Victory Gardens IGNITION New Play Festival in 2012, after its initial development on the BAPF, Yee’s intelligent and quirky comedy deals with themes such as international surrogacy and colonialism, and features a talking fetus.

  • A PF founder, Julie Hébert returned in 2007 to develop her new play, Tree (BAPF 2007), and it opens later this season at SF Playhouse. Originally conceived as a play about race, Julie found herself writing about the inescapability of family. “Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes painful -- and so it is with this play” says Julie.

  • Kimber Lee’s (BAPF 2013) brownsville song (b-side for tray), a powerful tale of resilience in the face of tragedy, recently premiered at the Humana Festival of New Plays. It went on to open in New York at the Lincoln Center this past summer and is set to play at the Long Warf Theatre in spring of 2015!

  • Zakiyya Alexander's (BAPF 2007) Sweet Maladies premiered at the Brava Theater Center this past summer to great acclaim. Inspired by Jean Genet's The Maids, this show takes place during reconstruction and tells the story of newly freed young women making a place in the new world post-slavery.

  • Joan Holden’s (BAPF 2013) FSM, a musical about the Free-Speech movement, premiered at the Brava Theater Center and Berkeley Repertory Theatre this fall!

  • George Brant’s (BAPF 2012) Grounded has played to unqualified success at scores of theaters throughout the country, and across the pond in England, Sweden and Scotland, making it one of the most produced plays of the year! This show features a female fighter pilot who is grounded after an unexpected pregnancy, and then deployed to the 'chair force' to fly military drones out of Las Vegas. It asks us to consider the myriad ways that we are being watched, and the impact of waging war from a 7,000 mile distance.

  • We are also excited that Playwright Foundation alumni Aditi Brennan Kapil and Clarence Coo have been inducted into the New Dramatists!

These visionary Playwrights represent the vanguard of the emerging new innovators of theater. Their work is changing the way we view theater as an art form and challenges us to question our preconceived worldviews. And it's thanks to you that Playwrights Foundation can help them to succeed.
Theater is alive and dangerous...and we're thrilled you're helping us keep it that way.


  • Erin Bregman's play, Before & After was selected for the 36th Annual Bay Area Playwrights Festival in July 2013.
  • Tanya Shaffer's new musical, The Fourth Messenger, enjoyed a sold out run at the Ashby Stage in Berkeley from February 6 - March 10.
  • Crowded Fire’s 2013 Season features plays from Resident Playwrights and alumni Christopher Chen (THE INVISIBLE PLAY), Lauren Gunderson (THE TAMING), Geetha Reddy (BLUE GOD COUNTDOWN), Lachlan Philpott (TRUCK STOP), Thomas Bradshaw (THE BEREAVED), and Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig (410[GONE]). Click here for more information.
  • PF Resident Playwright Andrew Saito’s KRISPY KRITTERS IN THE SCARLETT NIGHT will premiere at Cutting Ball Theater in May 2013.
  • Katori Hall’s THE MOUNTAINTOP (BAPF 2008) continues its life in various region theaters including TheatreWorks (March 6th - April 7th), Arena Stage (March 29th - May 12th), and CenterStage (January 9th - February 24th).


  • Steve Yockey's play Wolves (Rough Readings 2010) will receive its first production at Actor’s Express in Atlanta, November 7th-December 2nd, 2012 at King Plow Art Center, Atlanta, GA.
  • Christopher Chen’s The Hundred Flowers Project script won the 2012 Rella Lossy Playwrights Award, and will receive its world premeire co-production as part of Crowded Fire’s 2012 season, with Playwrights Foundation! October 28th-November 17th, 2012 at The Thick House, San Francisco, CA.
  • foolsFURY Theater will premiere Port Out, Starboard Home by Sheila Callaghan (PF co-commission BAPF 2010) September 7th-23rd 2012 with runs in both San Francisco and New York.
  • After being featured in the BAPF 2012, Lauren Yee’s Samsara was part of Victory Garden’s Ignition Festival in Chicago, IL in August 2012.
  • We are Proud to Present… by Jackie Sibilies Drury (BAPF 2011) received its first production at Victory Gardens Theater in April. We are Proud to Present... will be featured in the SOHO Rep in New York City this season, November 7th-December 16th.
  • LAUREN GUNDERSON’s Exit Pursued by Bear ran throughout the country in 2012 at ArtsWest Playhouse and Gallery (April 18th-May 13th) in Seattle, WA and Theatre Seven of Chicago (June 7th-July15th) in Chicago, IL. The play may also be seen at Hyde Park Theatre (August 18th-September 8th) in Austin, TX.
  • Lisa Kron’s The Ver**on Play (Rough Readings May 18th-19th) premiered at the Humana Festival of New Plays in Louisville, Kentucky in March 2012).


  • Katori Hall’s The Mountaintop (BAPF 2008) ran on Broadway staring Samuel L. Jackson and Angela Bassett.
  • Rajiv Joseph’s Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo ran on Broadway staring Robin Williams.
  • Congrats to Julia Jarcho on her upcoming production of Dreamless Land, listed in Time Out New York's "Top 20 shows to see this Fall"! Check it out at the Abrons Art Center in NYC, opening Nov. 4.
  • In a co-production with Playwrights Horizons and La Jolla Playhouse, Kirsten Greenidge's Milk Like Sugar will play at Women's Project Oct. 13-Nov. 20.
  • Andrea Kuchlewska was chosen to participate in the Lab at Women's Project. Her two-year artistic residency will culminate in June 2012 with We Play For The Gods, a collaborative piece created by the WP Lab residents.
  • Steve Yockey has been selected for Center Theatre Group's 2011-12 Writers' Workshop! Congrats to our Rough Reading alum.
  • Jen Silverman's (BAPF 2008 Alumni) Crane Story plays in New York at Cherry Lane Theater through October 1, 2011. Read the New York Times review!
  • Christine Evans' (BAPF Alumni/NPI Instructor) Trojan Barbie has its U.K. premiere March 3rd in Warwick with Playbox Theatre. Trojan Barbie won the 2007 Jane Chambers Award, the 2009 Rhode Island State Council on the Arts Playwriting Fellowship, and the "Plays for the 21st Century" award. It's also in print with Samuel French!